A thrilling collection for all public, orchestrated and carefully selected. Movie Adventure Pack find a powerful surround sound, designed especially for fiction films and adventure television series or video games. His catchy melodies make this package also suitable for other media formats such as advertising or documentary. In may describe new and magical stories full of adventures about super heroes and great crusades, for young and old. It has a fully instrumented in which they appear: single rope, winds metals, wood winds, percussion and more.

Inside the package you will find the following tracks and versions:

Little Adventure – 1:11

Little Adventure 2: 1:08 ( Full Version )

-Short Version: 00:32

Logo Version 1: 00:12

Logo Version 2: 00:15

Hero Returns: 1:34 ( Full Version )

-Short Version: 00:35

-Logo Version: 00:11

Available in WAV and MP3 quality

Enjoy it !!!