Happy & Upbeat Ukulele Pack In this package you will find up to 4 full tracks inspiring optimism and happiness. If you need a few minutes of joy and ease, Here is a selection of the best tracks for their presentations to the rhythm of ukulele, all with a vital and motivating caratcer.

Other instruments besides the ukulele that we can find: claps, drums, bass, bells, piano, and more.

Give a fun touch to your projects with this perfect collection for: corporate videos, Youtube presentations, advertising, radio, television and more. All songs are available in WAV and MP3 of the highest quality.

In the package you can find the following tracks:

Happy & Upbeat Ukulele 2:08

Happy & Upbeat Ukulele 2 2:00

Happy & Upbeat Ukulele 3 1:25

Happy & Fresh Ukulele 2:00