Cinematic & Documentary Background Pack This collection is especially designed as a background in movies and documentaries , but will also fit into other formats such as advertising or any video presentation that requires an emotional and inspiring charge. It is able to describe beautiful sonorous landscapes and to create relaxed atmospheres accompanying the image to endow it with hope and beautiful postcards of dream. It has a rich instrumentation in which the strings and metal winds are the protagonists. Within the package, you can find the following tracks and versions, available in high quality WAV and MP3:

Inspiring & Beautiful Documentary Background 2:40 ( Full Version )

-Short Version: 1:27

Inspiring & Beautiful Background Cinematic 2:54 ( Full Version )

-Short Version: 1:37

-Logo Version: 00:09

Inspiring Background Cinematic 2:40 ( Full Version )

– Theme Short Version: 1:13

– Chords Short Version 1:13